Wet Unicorn Spit Donut Flavoured Water Based Lubricant 130ml

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**Ride the Unicorn!** Unicorn Spit is the most magical lubricant of them all – with a delicious donut flavour and playful packaging for a retro twist. This lubricant is water based and safe for use with your toys, too.

According to Wet Lubes, this lube is ethically extracted from free range unicorns but the best part? This lube is completely sugar free! This water based lubricant is free from phthalates and is silky smooth, leaving your skin feeling pampered. It’s also safe for use with latex, and the non-staining formula washes away easily with water.

This lube is preserved with pentylene glycol and potassium sorbate which are far less likely to irritate your skin than parabens are. This flavoured lube is great for partner fun and we love it for exciting oral play.

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