Waterglide Hot Chocolate 300ml water based lubricant

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Waterglide Hot Chocolate 300ml

Water based warming flavoured lube


Hot chocolate for hot adventures by Waterglide. Scented lubricant with aphrodisiac chocolate flavour. This seductive flavour can be creatively incorporated into lovemaking and provides extra fun and enjoyment for an intensive oral sex experience. Keep the hot chocolate lube in your bedroom for sensual and satisfying lovemaking. The hot chocolate lube is a 2-in-1 lubricant with different effects on the skin.

Another essential characteristic of the Waterglide brand is the fact that all lubricants are water-based and are therefore perfect for use with sex toys.

Because water glide lubes are silicone-free, they are non-abrasive on sex toys and can even be used with silicone toys.

The water-based formula is also extremely economical and long-lasting, making these lubricants perfect for lovemaking with your partner. Thanks to its handy tilt close, the lubricant can quickly and easily be dispensed while the action is happening. The colourless, oil-free formula is easily washable and leaves no stains, meaning you don’t have to worry about bed covers and can focus on being in the moment instead.

All Water glide lubricants are developed in Germany and produced according to stringent quality standards. Formulas are clinically tested and vegan.

Safe is sexy: All Waterglide lubricants are compatible with latex condoms.

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